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Guarding Against Sport Related Face/Nose Damage

With a staff comprised of Anaplastologists, Artists and a Prosthetist/Orthotist, our company has a very unique skill set. Sometimes, we are asked to create things we never considered. This is one of those instances which has shown us that there is a largely unmet need among injured athletes. Competitors who have suffered a broken nose or are in need of a Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty in order to improve their breathing and performance in the field or on the court need something to protect their nose during the months long healing process. There are generic masks available but, they aren’t very effective and inhibit a player’s vision.

A high school soccer star needed to have surgery to repair a broken nose but, her healing time overlapped with scouting season, which was crucial to her future as a college player. Her surgeon gave her clearance to return to playing with a face guard but the generic version did not fit. Here she is, back to the sport she loves best with her surgical site protected.

Soon after we finished her plastic mask, another soccer player with the same issue saw her playing with the mask on, and came to us to get a carbon fiber version, also pictured below.

Our first face mask client’s surgeon was very impressed with the mask and he even posted about it on Instagram!

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