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Q. What are your business hours?
A. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm. Appointments are required.

Q. Where is your office located?
A. Our office is located in Pasadena, California at 1095 N Allen Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91104.

Q. What if I live in another state or country?
A. The quality of the work we create can only be done in person. Amputations can differ from person to person and need to be treated individually. The number of visits and the length of each visit depends on the type of prosthesis being made. If you are able to travel, having a prosthesis made is typically a two- to three-week process.

Q. Is there anything I should bring to my first appointment?
A. Please bring your medical insurance information and a prescription from your physician that prescribes the type of prosthesis that you need.

Q. Do you have anything I can show my doctor regarding realistic looking prosthesIs?
A. Yes. You may print the sheets that are pertinent to your particular prosthesis in our Client Forms section. This will help your physician understands what type of prosthesis you are seeking to obtain.

Q. What is the process of getting a prosthesis?
A. The process depends on what type of prosthesis you need. For example:

  • For a finger prosthesis, you should be prepared for at least three appointments over the time period of two to three months, depending on your availability and our company caseload. The first two appointments can generally occur on the same day, depending on the complexity of the case.
  • For a hand or arm prosthesis, it will take at least four appointments over the course of at least three months, depending on your availability and our company caseload.
  • For a toe or partial foot prosthesis, it will require at least four appointments over the course of three months, depending on your availability and our company caseload.

Q. How are prostheses applied and stay on?
A. There are many ways that silicone prostheses are made secure to wear on the body. The design for this attachment will vary from case to case depending on factors such as what body part is missing, how much of the original anatomy remains to secure the prosthesis, and the ability of an individual to don the piece.

Q. Does a prosthesis need to be maintained?
A. Yes. You will be provided detailed instructions on how to clean and care for your prosthesis. We take extra measures to ensure that our products are durable enough for engagement in daily life. This usually means that colors are all secured within the form of the prosthesis and not merely painted externally. The lifespan of a prosthesis may vary from individual to individual based on the rigors and environmental factors that they are subject to on a daily basis.

Q. What is the cost of a prosthesis?
A. The cost of your prosthesis will vary based on the appendage being replaced and the amputation area. In order to estimate the cost, we need to see you in our office. If you are local to Southern California, please call our office to schedule a free, 30 minute consultation. You will be able to meet our prosthetist, see our products, discuss your goals, and get a price quote for your prosthesis. If you are unable to get to our office, you can simply email a photo of your affected hand, leg, or facial anomaly and our lead prosthetist will respond with recommendations and a price quote.

Q. Does my insurance pay for my prosthesis?
A. It depends on what type of insurance you have. We are happy to work with your insurance company if we can obtain reasonable assurance that our bill will be paid. Additionally, we accept payment from our clients and bill their insurance company, so that our clients receive reimbursement from their insurance company when applicable.

Q. Does MediCare or MediCal cover realistic looking prosthetics
A. Unfortunately, MediCare or MediCal do not currently cover these prosthetics.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
A. We accept personal checks, VISA, MasterCard, and Discover. We also accept CareCredit which is a credit card designed for medical expenses, with zero/low interest options, depending on your credit history.


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