Our Philosophy

Aesthetic Prosthetics founder, Stefan Knauss, began working in prosthetics with the idea that prosthetics should fit well, bring back function and look genuinely realistic. It soon became apparent that realism was not a priority in conventional prosthetics.  Thus, he started his own company in order to raise the bar.



What good is a nice looking prosthesis if it is uncomfortable or falls off? Fit is not an afterthought, it is a priority.  We start every project making sure the fit is secure and comfortable before moving on to form and color.



It is important that a prosthesis matches a client’s skin color and just as important that it lasts. Our prosthetic fingers and facial pieces are painted intrinsically, so the color is a part of the piece, not an outside layer. The color on our prosthetic hands and arms is sealed with a patented mold making method that leaves no seams and maintains high resolution detail, making our pieces durable enough to endure everyday use. We create prosthetic leg covers in a silicone that has the resilience to last for years.

Realism, Customization and Feedback


We work with each client in person. We are not a mail order company and do not consider our products comparable to such. We interview the people we serve, and find out how we can make a piece that best meets their expectations. Along the way, we ask for client feedback and if it is not good enough, we work on it until it is. This process simply cannot be automated by taking limited spectrum and detail photos from afar and clicking through programmed menu options


We are trained artists. Colors are determined by making real life judgments, noting fluctuations with time and temperature and zeroing in on the correct, custom mixed color composition. The color choices are reconfirmed with test paintings in subsequent sittings.  Prostheses are detailed using the clients own skin as a reference down to the fingerprints.  This is not an “open a box, you get what you get” company. We are in the business of making realistic prosthetics on a higher level and will do what it takes to achieve it.  It is of utmost importance that our clients look at their prosthesis and feel as if is a part of them.


Stefan Knauss

is co-owner of Aesthetic Prosthetics and a Prosthetist. He earned a bachelors from Occidental College and studied at the Art Center College of Design. He has a Masters of Associated Medical Sciences from the Craniofacial Center in the Department of Maxillofacial Prosthetics at the University of Illinois, Chicago, IL. He also studied prosthetics and orthotics at Northwestern University, Chicago, IL. Stefan is certified in prosthetics and orthotics by the American Board of Certification for Prosthetics and Orthotics.


Elizabeth Knauss

is co-owner of Aesthetic Prosthetics and the office manager. She has a Masters in Occupational Therapy from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California. She has worked in a variety of rehabilitation settings including hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, schools, home health, and private practice.