Our Mission

Aesthetic Prosthetics® founder, Stefan Knauss, began working in the field of prosthetics with the view that prosthetics should fit well, restore function, and look genuinely realistic. It soon became apparent to him that realism was not a priority in conventional prosthetics. He started his own company in 1999 to create a new benchmark of quality in prosthetics.

Creating durable prosthetics that can endure the wear and tear of everyday activities is a core value at Aesthetic Prosthetics. 

What good is a hyper realistic looking prosthesis if it is uncomfortable, or if it falls off? Fit is not an afterthought; it is a priority. We start every project by ensuring a secure, comfortable fit before we move on to the artwork that will produce lifelike results. We work with each of our clients in person to understand their goals and expectations. 

During each step of the prosthesis-making process, we ask our clients for feedback. Making realistic looking prosthetics simply cannot be automated or accomplished from a distance. For this reason, we are not a mail-order company, and we always insist on our client’s active presence during each stage of our fabrication process.

Our prostheses are painted intrinsically, so the color is a part of the piece, not just an exterior layer. The color is then sealed with a patented mold making method that leaves no seams and maintains high resolution detail, making our prostheses durable enough to endure every day use for many years.