Our Services

Providing Confidence, Comfort and Compassion

Aesthetic Prosthetics® specializes in creating anatomically realistic prosthetics that will provide you with confidence, comfort, privacy, and peace-of-mind. 

We begin with an evaluation to determine possibilities relating to form, fit, function, and your expectations. Once we start the process of creating your prosthesis, we will first work with you to establish a reliable fit. Most often, we produce a trial prosthesis that provides you a good indication of how the piece is secured, how it will perform dynamically, and how it will look. 

Once this criteria is understood, we then proceed with the artwork to render a painted piece. Hands and arms are painted in person as one might paint a portrait. Your input is very important. Finishing work is needed to make sure the prosthesis is ready for you to use.

Every piece that AESTHETIC PROSTHETICS creates is unique and the process to fabricate a prosthesis accordingly varies a great deal from case-to-case. Fundamentally, it is your experience and expectations that are our priority.


Losing an arm doesn’t have to lead to the loss of independence and self-confidence. Our realistic prosthetic arms are lightweight, fit comfortably, and offer our clients improved confidence, privacy, and peace-of-mind in social contexts


Losing a hand, or a part of one’s hand, doesn’t have to lead to the loss of independence or self-confidence. Our realistic hands prostheses fit comfortably, are lightweight, and offer our clients improved confidence, privacy, and peace-of-mind in social contexts.


Our goal in creating realistic feet prostheses is to restore the natural appearance of one’s foot while maximizing function and balance for walking. We work closely with our clients to ensure an optimal, comfortable fit in addition to a realistic looking prosthesis that can be worn with sandals or whatever shoes they choose to wear.


Our objective in making leg prostheses that are lifelike in appearance is to give our clients the confidence and ability to wear clothing of their choice that shows their legs and feet. We will work with your prosthetist to ensure that your traditional leg prosthesis and socket are the ideal size and fit in order to be successfully covered with a lifelike skin.


Wearing a finger prosthesis not only normalizes the appearance of one’s hand, it also protects against sensitivity at the amputation site and can restore some aspects of function. By returning the finger to its proper size and length it helps enable improved prehension and fine motor skills.


Toes are the most common type of amputation in the United States and we truly value working with our clients to restore the natural appearance of their feet. Many of our clients confidently choose to wear flip flops or sandals for the first time in years once they have received their prosthetic toes.


We create realistic prosthetics for people who are missing part of their face due to a birth difference, illness, or injury. We specialize in making ear, nose, and orbital prostheses but have also worked with clients who are missing larger portions of their face. Our anaplastologists will custom fit, sculpt, and paint the most lifelike prosthesis possible in order to restore your natural appearance.


Some of our clients prefer to wear a utility prosthesis that is custom sculpted and fitted, but has just one color, rather than being painted to look lifelike. Utility prostheses are extremely durable and fabricated to meet the individual goals of our clients, enabling them to participate in daily activities that are meaningful to them, such as getting back to work, swimming, lifting weights, or strumming a guitar.