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Little Details Make a Big Difference

This client traveled to us from out of state. She had three highly realistic prosthetic fingers created as well as a utility hand.  Having prostheses made isn’t just about restoring the look of the fingers she lost.  These prostheses are about playing with the kids in her family and not feeling like she has to hide her hand so they don’t get concerned.  About grabbing keys off of the counter and not dropping them for lack of grip and getting back to her family tradition of bicycling on the weekend. They are about heading to the gym with friends and not being afraid to pick up weights, going a full workday without the pain of bumping the sensitive amputation site, and so much more.  Each person’s life is impacted differently by their amputation.  Our goal is to listen to our clients’ needs and help them get back as many of the things that amputation has taken from them as we can.

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