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NFLPA Care Foundation Shares

After a sudden, life threatening illness, former NFL player of the Seattle Seahawks, and President of the NFLPA Northern California Chapter Douglas Hollie, not only spent four months in a coma but also lost the front of both of his feet.

Thanks to the NFL Players Association Care Foundation, he was able to have two custom prosthetic partial feet created. After a career as an athlete, he has endured many surgeries and much physical pain, however, he cites that having to cope with the loss of his feet has been his greatest hardship. He’s excited to go to church in his dress shoes, go out dancing and be able to tap his feet to the beat of music again.

The NFL Players Association Care Foundation helps many former NFL players and their families by providing programs and assistance with medical, emotional, financial, social and community issues. He hopes that by sharing his story, other former NFL players facing hard times can take advantage of this program. Please share to help spread the word. http://www.seahawkslegends.com/nfl-player-care-foundation-…/

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