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So Real It’s Unreal

This client, another long time prosthesis wearer, was so shocked at the realism of his new piece from us, he was reluctant to wear it to work. He felt that his co-workers were used to his faded, obviously fake prosthesis from another provider and that a highly realistic ear would draw attention and questions. He had developed having a “different” ear as a part of his identity and, although he has been wanting a new ear, coping with the drastic change brought him anxiety.  Unexpected questioning about a physical difference can be very stressful and distracting for people. On many occasions, I have heard that questions and glances from strangers are the most difficult part of being an amputee far beyond any physical challenges.  Thankfully, this client has a very supportive wife and family who assured him that having a realistic ear was a positive change and something he deserved. He is wearing his new piece everywhere and feeling great.

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