Ted used a hook for his left hand for several years until he learned that his insurance would cover a more realistic hand. He works as an accountant, yet struggled to find a prosthetic hand that would endure daily use.  The first realistic hand he had made only lasted two weeks.  He was sent to a practitioner in another state for a new hand, but it only lasted a month. The third hand again just lasted a couple of weeks. He finally found a durable realistic prosthesis after coming to Aesthetic Prosthetics. Ted says, “I think Stefan is a true artist. He’s more than an artist. It takes more than just art to make this. It has to also endure. I’ve had it now [for six months] and I only see one pin-type flaw. I think that’s really saying something.”
But the durability does not compromise the appearance of his hand. “It’s more realistic than anything I’ve ever had. I feel very comfortable with it going out in public. I feel very confident about my appearance.”
A realistic hand that does not look good, Ted says, draws more attention than a hook. With his new hand, “I could be sitting at a dinner table and have both hands on the table and they’d never know it’s a prosthesis.” Ted says that he meets new people and forgets to tell them that his left hand is missing. If they notice that he doesn’t move one hand as much as the other, he says, “I forgot to tell you–I don’t have a hand!”
What advice would Ted give someone who has recently lost a limb? “I would advise them to see Stefan. In fact I did just that two days ago. A guy lost his leg just below the knee and I showed him my hand. He was very encouraged. You could see the glow come over his face.” Ted told the man, “With the right therapy you could be standing six feet tall again.”  Ted says that he hears a lot of hype about modern technology and prosthetics, but he pronounces his Aesthetics Prosthetics hand “the best I’ve seen.”